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Denise Brosseau is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, where she works with executives and entrepreneurs to build their visibility, credibility, and thought leadership to enhance their professional success. Denise speaks to corporations, associations, and groups nationwide and she is a frequent guest blogger for, and Denise has an MBA from Stanford and in 2012, she was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change.
Business Services
Thought Leadership Consulting: Working with CEOs, social sector leaders and corporate executives to raise their profile, strengthen their brand, amplify their influence and leave a legacy that matters. Speaking: I keynote conferences and corporate events on leadership and thought leadership topics.
Business Services
I work with not-for-profit leaders, start-up CEOs, and senior executives who wish to build and scale first-of-their-kind programs, initiatives, products and services. I help leaders build movements around their ideas and gain a seat at the table for an issue they care about.
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Recent News Episode 1: The Many (Surprising) Things I Learned From Writing & Publishing a Book (Listen Now →)

Denise Brosseau, a solution-focused thought leadership coach, will help you amplify your impact, multiply your influence and leave a legacy that matters.

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